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Digital Integrated System

But we mean really big, because the system are the latest item to emerge from Urmet’s lengthy experience in the digital-dial systems field. The Digital Integrated System offer the most advanced solution for house entry-phone equipment, including extended, with hands-free entry-phones, traditional handsets and combined models. Moreover the systems will never reply with an engaged tone, which is typical of other systems, because it has multiple voice line capability for simultaneous conversations from the main call stations and it is even possible to hold further conversations from secondary call stations. The IP based systems offer unlimited video conferencing features with home automation solutions.

Digivoice - digital solutions:

  • Up to 3. 5 km of distance and extension
  • Up to 3000 users
  • Up to 5 concierge switchboards
  • Up to 390 entrances
  • Possibility of door opening code for every user
  • Only 9 wires + coax for all the system


Ipervoice - IP solutions per voice has no limits in terms of
extension and distance (by using optical fibres):

  • Riser columns
  • Number of switchboards
  • Number of users
  • Number of conversations at the same time – no busy lines: a great feature for multiple building compounds with several entrance door


Ah6000 - digital cat 5 based system:

  • Up to 20,16,000 apartment. (500 {building}x9x112x4)
  • Up to 9 risres per building
  • Up to 15 primary entry stations
  • Sum of secondary entry stations & 8 external cameras per network controller
  • Up to 4 indoor phones per apartment
  • Up to 1 door camera per indoor phone


  • Installer - easy wiring, low costs and convenient installation with the adoption of wideband network and plug-and-play products
  • Homeowner - quality life characterized by comfort, safety and convenience
  • Property management company - low labor & operating costs and diverse added-value services

Residential Intercom System

Product Details:
  • Brand: True view
  • Features: Audio Intercom System, Video Intercom System, Security Intercom, Thumb & Card, Wireless/Cordless

We offer world class Residential Intercom Systems. It is not just the basic Intercom System that allows users to simply chat with neighbors. It can be set up in buildings, offices, institutions, etc.It is enough if you simply give battery supply to the intercoms and the installation is done.


  • Recording Type:Digital Voice
  • Additional Features: Voice Mail With Grouping, Blank Call Tracking, Six Senses System
  • Flexible Numbering Plan
  • Ga Leakage, Illegal Entry, Wire Tempering Alert
  • Project Progress Meeting Organiser
  • Vendor's Call For Doubtful Visitors
  • Flat Lock, Morning Greeting Message
  • Emergency Rings To All Flats By Guard
  • Single Digit Access To Security/Lift/Office

Kits and Analog Systems

Product Details:
  • Type: Wireless

We offers quality range products of Kits and Analog Systems. The new imago hands-free monitor was created for a market constantly demanding more compact, higher technology products made with top quality materials. The hands-free video door phone has these features and more. With a clean, minimalist “ipod”-effect design, you can manage all the traditional functions of a video door phone system (calls, audio, door opening) and other supplementary functions, such as: differentiated floor calls, open door indication, opening a second gate or alternatively switching on the staircase lights.

Imago has a central unit and series of brackets. The central unit includes a 4” colour osd (on-screen display), for excellent vision from all angles and a set of control buttons. The brackets can be used to fix the central unit to the wall and adapt it to the various urmet domus installations.


  • Red/green led back lift door opening button. Red indicates that the gate is open. The button turns green after receiving a call to make it easier to locate the door opening button in the dark
  • Buttons for auxiliary functions: A second gate opening, stair-case lights, video auto-on function
  • Orange/green led back lift “audio” button. Orange means “audio on”; the button turns green after receiving a call to make it easier to locate the “audio” button in the dark
  • Adjustable call volume (three settings: loud-soft-mute): in “mute” position, the device does not ring and a mechanical red indicator appears
  • Adjustable contrast, colour and brightness using osd (on-screen display) controls. The hands-free monitor brackets make it possible to install the video door phone in the most common urmet
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